Inspiring home for sale

I hear that this inspiring home for sale at Bolaget is actually the home of talented photographer Petra Bindel. She was the one who photographed our last styling at Lotta Agatons masterclass. I absolutely love this home, there is a flow and in the house. The gorgeous plywood shelf is a great DIY and a functional divider against the stairs. The unique kitchen has a high end look with marble tops and splashes of color in the cabinets. I would be really surprised if this home did not end up in a magazine soon.
Have a great weekend!

Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home2 Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home3 Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home4 Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home5 Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home6 Inspiring-photographer-petra-bindels-home7

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