The new IKEA kitchen system

As you know I am an intern at Ikea and there has been a lot of secret meetings and talk about a new kitchen. Now it’s revealed and I can finally share the news with you. Ikea is changing their kitchen completely, all the measurements are changed and therefore the measurement standard. The concept previously limited the customer, now there will be a great range of sections, kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen drawers, input boxes etc. There are endless possibilities to create your own kitchen, personal and functional. You can also use the modules to make a bookcase and other storage. I think that now when Ikea is changing the entire kitchen system, other kitchen suppliers and the entire industry will now have to change their cabinet doors etc. I really like the new concept and the range of possibilities it creates. However, I have to say that I am disappointed with the published pictures, they are not that inspiring and some of them look like 3D renderings. My favorite is VEDDINGE TUTEMO with the playful boxes with a splash of colour. Find out more about the new METOD kitchen here.

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4 Responses to The new IKEA kitchen system

  1. De är inte 3d. De ser nämligen ut exakt som det gjorde på pressvisningen igår, samma ljussättning och allt.

  2. LOVE it…!!! :)

  3. Elina says:

    Hej! Tack själv, det var bara roligt! Självklart får du låna bilder från min blogg. Hälsningar Elina